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Get the attention you deserve! 
Whether you're looking for 
showy, chunky, big, bold, flirty, 
sexy, exotic, dramatic, dainty, 
stylish, playful, uptown posh, 
organic, goddess, bridal, 
tribal, classy, sassy, 
lavish or runway ready, 
you've come to the right place. 

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Nothing common or cookie-cutter 
here at FavoriteBlings.com.  

When you choose a unique
FavoriteBlings USA handmade 
statement necklace, you can be 
remarkable, splendid, edgy or
classy and enhance your own
personal style. 

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Each unique USA artisan handmade 
gemstone statement necklace, 
choker, bib, y-drop and lariat is a 
precious legacy piece with only top
quality components made by me 
as if especially for you -- always 
original, exclusive, distinctive, 
lavish, fine forever jewelry.   

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You'll be glad to know I use 
only best quality components and
real semi-precious gemstones. 
No resin, plastic, imitation or 
simulated gemstones, no mystery 
metal plated jewelry, no lead, 
nickel, cadmium, no toxic metals, 
no Tibetan Silver, German Silver, 
no Nickel Silver are ever used here. 

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I use only safe, precious, non-toxic 
metals -- Bali, Hill Tribe, Israeli 
and Turkish solid sterling silver 
beads, clasps, chains and other 
SS findings, plus always safe 
hypoallergenic metals, non-toxic 
surgical stainless steel, lead-free 
non-tarnishing aluminum, plus 
durable ancient noble metals 
of bronze, copper and brass chains, 
beads, clasps and embellishments. 

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You always get the real thing --
I use authentic rare natural 
druzies and agate geodes, slices, 
slabs, chunks, sticks, daggers, 
beads and nuggets of  genuine 
semiprecious gemstones
like amethyst, aquamarine,  
tanzanite, peridot, garnet, citrine, 
tourmaline, fluorite, blue topaz, 
amazonite, rainbow moonstone, 
agate, chalcedony, rose quartz,
rainbows of jade, turquoise,
  chalk turquoise, labradorite, 
rutilated quartz, cracked quartz, 
jasper, onyx, amber, aventurine,
magnesite, tiger eye, carnelian, 
apatite, real coral, natural quartz 
and minerals, sensuous strands 
of genuine cultured freshwater 
pearls, Swarovski crystal beads, 
stunning true cubic zirconia, Czech 
fire-polished beads, druk beads, 
lampwork, beads, dichroic glass, 
Miyuki Beads, seed beads, golden 
horn -- fine handmade necklaces 
ablaze with originality, glitz, beauty.

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Rich Chunky Heartstopping Huge Honey Quartz Extreme Chic FavoriteBlings 
Statement Necklace Runway Sexy Big Bold Onyx Druzy Slab USA Handmade

Showpiece Bling $239.99, Free Shipping

Fine fiery chunky organic sexy ultra showy catwalk statement necklace flaunts big posh honey quartz 
sticks and bold natural golden yellow onyx druzy geode slab. The extraordinary runway attitude here
epitomizes extravagant glamour. Breathtaking upscale beauty is a sinfully gorgeous gemstone 
masterpiece, with sublime presence. It's FavoriteBlings USA handmade, a royal triumphant treasure, 
starlet stuff, with Mother Nature's signature all over it. 

This rich, regal, top quality necklace is 20" long. The bedazzling, beautiful hand matched honey 
quartz sticks are from 1-1/2" to 2" long. The deluxe, natural golden yellow onyx geode druzy 
slab pendant is 3" long, 2: at its widest point, and complemented with non-tarnishing stainless 
steel bail, tiny heart charms, star spacers, findings, and comfortable lobster clasp. A commanding,
hypnotic, totally unique standout. Guaranteed magnificent. And truly a heart-stopping gift!

You get fine, forever classy jewelry of exceptional quality, and there's only ONE exquisite 
original of each FavoriteBlings USA handmade semi-precious gemstone statement necklace. 
This unique scene stealer is exclusive, timeless, for you to give or wear proudly. And every 
FavoriteBlings purchase you make comes with a 10--Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

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     -- Birthstone, Planetary and/or Zodiac signs/months associated with Quartz are: April, and
       signs of Aries, Taurus, Capricorn
-- M
etaphysical properties of the gemstone Quartz are: beneficial for health and well being, 
        psychic protector, valued in many cultures worldwide

     -- Birthstone, Planetary and/or Zodiac signs/months associated with Onyx are: January, 
       February, July, August, December, signs of Sagittarius, Leo
-- Metaphysical properties of the gemstone Onyx are: protective stone against stress, 
       banishes grief, brings happiness, aids vigor and balance, objectivity

See birthstone history & list of birthstones
See metaphysical properties of gemstones

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My own curiosity about the gemstones, minerals and crystals I use in my handmade FavoriteBlings necklaces 
led me to learn more about them.

Most of all, I enjoyed researching the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones. The information above 
concerning Birthstones and Gemstone Metaphysical Properties is culled from folklore, legends, cultural and 
esoteric wisdom, spiritual beliefs, religious traditions, crystal therapy and ancient rituals through the centuries...
and is provided for your entertainment only, merely a joyful diversion. Thanks for visiting!

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10% of annual FavoriteBlings.com sales, plus sales at my FavoriteCollectibles shop at Etsy, go to 
Shriners Hospitals for Children, who provide hope and medical care to help  transform children's lives.

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