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Welcome to the 
one and only 
FavoriteBlings -- 
each bold, chunky, 
unique statement
 necklace is a 
USA handcrafted 
original made 
by me since 2008.

      * * * * * * *      
Big, sexy, runway 
ready, dainty and
 dramatic handcrafted
 statement necklaces, 
chokers, bibs,
Y-drops, with 
genuine gemstones, 
real pearls, true coral,
 precious & safe
 non-toxic metals. 
* * * * * * *   

Plus, authentic 
Taxco Mexico
artisan signed
retro sterling silver,
top quality 80s & 90s 
jewelry, genuine 
classy solid gold
 retro jewelry, rare
 rich high-voltage
statement stunners.
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I'm a PayPal 
Verified seller 
and an Etsy  
seller for 9+ years.

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You Get a 
10-Day 100% 

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The highest honor
I could receive
is a kind referral
from you and
your friends.

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All jewelry designs, 
web site text and 
photos copyright
FavoriteBlings.com and 
may not be reproduced in
whole or in part without 
prior, express written

Copyright © 2008-2018  
All rights reserved

My story...
Thanks to my supportive Dad, creativity 
and I have a long history together. 


I was lucky, I grew up with a father who nurtured the creative process. In my 
early teens, I recrafted broken or castaway jewelry, reconfigured funky findings, 
experimented with different mediums, turned antique buttons into pins and 
necklaces, “reanimated” old jewelry. 

Later on, I dabbled in painting, papier mache sculptures, and took classes in 
stained glass and jewelry making. Like many of you, I welcome any chance 
to be creative. 

I started to design splendid new bling from scratch - the thrill of finding 
fabulous components, imagining gemstone pairings, bead configurations, color 
coordination, the exhilaration of designing, creating something remarkable, 
appealing, with personality and high quality. That's how FavoriteBlings was 
born in 2008.


I proudly over-engineer every gemstone necklace carefully handcrafting each 
as if it were for me personally. I use genuine gemstones, safe, non-toxic metals, 
and top quality components so that every necklace, choker, bib and lariat is a 
unique statement necklace that flatters and empowers you. 

Dad not only encouraged my creative childhood endeavors. He also taught me 
early on to appreciate pre-owned stuff that could be re-used and re-loved. Most 
weekends, we’d set out for flea markets, sometimes as early as 4 AM to be there 
by sunrise! There were also garage sales, porch sales, house and barn sales, 
antique shops and thrift stores in NJ, NY and PA. 

Ah, the thrill of the hunt… I bought what I liked and what I could afford. But 
that was then, this is now. So although I say “collector”, my family says “pack rat”. 
Reality and space constraints have forced me to admit it's time to let go.

I promise that you’ll find the same commitment to uniqueness and quality in my 
diverse collection of authentic vintage and retro jewelry -- stunning true Taxco 
jewelry and classic designer jewelry, all gorgeous genuine pieces from the 80s. 
Also solid gold jewelry that I bought in the 90s -- some pieces like new, and some 
never worn.



Whether you choose a FavoriteBlings handmade gemstone statement 
or a catwalk inspired FavoriteBlings Retro treasure, you get my personal 
guarantee:  Nothing common or cookie-cutter. No disposable imports. No 
look-alike clones. You get the real thing, honest bling. And every posh piece 
comes with a 10-day Satisfaction Guaranteed Risk-Free Return Policy. 

I must add that my journey to this destination right here is also due to my 
supportive Dad. Because he gave me yet another precious gift: the desire and 
ability to write. In fact, in 5th grade, one of my teachers asked me to stay after 
school to help a few of the other kids with their writing assignments. And when 
I was 12, I won a week's free camping trip in a writing contest for kids.

Writing became my career and I'm grateful to Dad for also instilling the power 
of communication. He was my hero. And his gift has helped me write descriptions 
for my unique necklace creations, my retro and vintage jewelry offerings, and to
also research and write fun, empowering blogs to relax, inform and entertain you!

Thank you for stopping by, and you're invited to stick around!


* * * * * * * * * * * *                                                                    

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