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Welcome to the 
one and only 
FavoriteBlings -- 
each bold, chunky, 
unique statement
 necklace is a 
USA handcrafted 
original made 
by me since 2008.

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Big, sexy, runway 
ready, dainty and
 dramatic handcrafted
 statement necklaces, 
chokers, bibs,
Y-drops, with 
genuine gemstones, 
real pearls, true coral,
 precious & safe
 non-toxic metals. 
* * * * * * *   

Plus, authentic 
Taxco Mexico
artisan signed
retro sterling silver,
top quality 80s & 90s 
jewelry, genuine 
classy solid gold
 retro jewelry, rare
 rich high-voltage
statement stunners.
 No clones, 
no imports, just 
the real thing, 
honest bling.
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I'm a PayPal 
Verified seller 
and an Etsy  
seller for 9+ years.

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You Get a 
10-Day 100% 

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without prior, express
 written permission. 

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Anti-Bullying Resources - So You
Can Find Help and Take Action...


Bye, bye bullies -- beginning in April 2002, it took a while, but now, 
ALL 50 States have anti bullying laws as of March 2015 ...  

* * * * * * * *  

Bullying takes different shapes, comes in different sizes, manifests in different 
scenarios. According to the NEA (National Education Association) bullying occurs 
once every seven minutes! Sadly, in schools across America, one in three students 
report being bullied weekly. And kids are dying.

According to the NEA, educators want to do help do something about it.
The NEA 
site offers help on how teachers can help prevent bullying by identifyingit, by 
intervening, by being advocates for bullied students. Actually, also helpful for 
any adults who educate or interact with children who are being bullied or assaulted:

What can kids do it they're bullied? What can parents do? WedMD provides the 
characteristics of kids who bully so they can be identified and their bullying 
discouraged -- they spell out what bullying looks like:


Since 2005, Stomp Out Bullying has been helping over 5 million students resolve 
Bullying and Cyberbullying situations, assisting over 100,000 students and saving 
over 2,000 lives through the STOMP Out Bullying HelpChat Line, saving a total 
of 6,000 lives. They subscribe to a culture of civility, not a culture of cruelty. 
Much more positive info at:

* * * * * * * *  

Fans of Lady Gaga know she is extremely passionate about her organization, Born 
This Way Foundation. Empowering young people and inspiring bravery, the Born 
This Way works with local and national organizations and relies on healers and 
experts to help build a kinder and braver world. Stop in at: 

* * * * * * * *  

Kids can be cruel, especially in sports competition where bullying rears its ugly head. 
If you're a parent, and especially if you're a coach, you really need to make it known 
that bullying behavior won't be tolerated. Here are some tips on doing the right thing, 
and putting a stop to sports bullying in your sport:

* * * * * * * *

Got a polite kid in the house? You can honor your child with a totally free Junior 
RudeBuster Award Certificate for good manners and polite etiquette; be patient, 
then just hit the print button, then you can fill in your child's name and find a frame, 
a thumbtack, or a magnet:

* * * * * * * *  

What teachers should know about how bullying manifests. There are many varieties 
of bullying behavior. Defining bullying includes a desire to harm another person, 
to create a power imbalance, it takes the shape of "mean-girling", boys bullying boys, 
name calling, behaviors that cause humilation, cruelty, and teachers who spend so much 
time with young people need to be able to recognize the signs.


* * * * * * * *

Be an adult - parents, teachers, relatives, neighbors, can prevent bullying. Juvenile 
behavior such as taunting, teasing and threats can't be accepted as "simply a part 
of growing up." Here's some more advice to help you fight school bullying, understand 
bullying, and find resources to protect kids from being victims:


Creating safe schools, promoting ethical online behavior, talking about bullying 
in a classroom, positive steps to take, it's all laid out at Bullying. No Way! A 
tremendous Australian site with tools to take action against bullies -- whether 
you're a parent, an educator, a kid or a teen, you can learn how to diffuse 
bullying and better understand physical or verbal bullying:

* * * * * * * *

Wow, a really simple road rage diffuser that could prevent injuries or even death -- 
remember, aggressive driving is still the leading cause of death of young children. 
Wait until you see how easy the solution could be:
* * * * * * * * * * * *

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