Welcome to the 
one and only 
FavoriteBlings -- 
each bold, chunky, 
unique statement
 necklace is a 
USA handcrafted 
original made 
by me since 2008.

Big, sexy, runway 
ready, dainty and
 dramatic handcrafted
 statement necklaces, 
chokers, bibs,
Y-drops, with 
genuine gemstones, 
real pearls, true coral,
 precious & safe
 non-toxic metals. 
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Plus, authentic 
Taxco Mexico
artisan signed
retro sterling silver,
top quality 80s & 90s 
jewelry, genuine 
classy solid gold
 retro jewelry, rare
 rich high-voltage
statement stunners.
 No clones, 
no imports, just 
the real thing, 
honest bling.
I'm a PayPal 
Verified seller 
and an Etsy  
seller for 9+ years.

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You Get a Risk-Free
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Bonnie B.
"WOW. Blogs With Benefits is amazing! It's packed with comprehensive, well researched 
info - much more than I've seen on most other blogs. And the writing is fun to read, too! 
A great resource, so well done."

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Larry Dee 
"Fantastic! Love the resource Blogs - very helpful and diverse. There's great content, 
rhythm and magic. A richness you don't find very often. Really liked it. Going back for more!" 

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"Your Blogs are AMAZING!  Love the name, love the content -- there ARE  many useful 
benefits to be had here. I enjoyed the history of jewelry, how  birthstones evolved, they're all 
fun & educational links, and the 7-7-7 breathing  exercise actually helped my migraines. 
All that and fantastically healthy brownies, too!"

* * * * * * * *

"It's such a diverse list of Blogs... I enjoyed the jewelry history, the beginning of wearing personal 
adornments. Very interesting. And jewelry care and jewelry cleaning is important for folks with 
jewelry collections. The humor Blog is great to keep yourself balanced. And some of the quotes 
were really uplifting, and kudos for the killer brownie finish!"

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"What an excellent site! Thanks for the multitude of links -- they're both informative and entertaining. 
Blogs With Benefits is a knockout!"

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Here Are the Blogs With Benefits --             
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Best Healthiest Brownies Recipe...
Good Mood Food:       
These rich chocolate brownies are delicious,
low-fat, the best, healthiest brownies to sigh for...               

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