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How to Stay Safe in a Crowd...
Tips on Being Smart, Staying Calm, 
Being Alert in a Crowded Venue

Safety Tips on Best Ways to Feel Safe in Crowds,  
How to Deter Theft, Be Aware, Protect Yourself, 
Kids, Family and Friends.


 * * * * * *

If one day you find yourself in a busy crowded situation -- 
either by choice at a concert, parade, or other venue, or by an unexpected 
crowding incident in a transit hub, a sudden demonstration, a swell of celebrants, 
or other high volume location or situation -- there are some important things 
you should remember to try to keep you and those with you safe, and to prevent 
being injured. 

Remember, there can be some risks -- when you're part of a large 
group of people. Try not to get distracted, you'll need to focus on a plan to keep 
safe in the event of an emergency. In any crowding situation, it's important to 
be calm and aware of everything and everyone around you. Observe, and
for any threatening or risky behavior, any abandoned bags or packages, see 
if you recognize any suspicious object or activity. By being alert, you can lower 
your risk of being caught off guard, so you have a better chance of not being 
surprised or harmed in a volatile or dangerous crowd venue. 


Before you leave home -- 

--  If you're going to be in a crowded venue with kids, why not all dress alike, 
or give the kids identical hats or clothing, or some unique, special identifying item 
to wear or carry
--  Have a conversation about where to go and what to do in case you get separated
-- In advance, pick a place you all know or one that's picturesque or distinctive 
in some way so if you're separated, you've pre-planned a later meeting place 
that everyone knows
--  Consider labels in kids' clothing so your contact information is immediately handy
--  Slip your phone number into the kids' pockets, and be sure your phone is charged
--  Crowds can be a scary place for many of us. Do the kids know how to tell a stranger 
from a cop if they're lost? Show/tell kids what trustworthy strangers look like, 
or how the "good guys" dress
--  Remember to say cheese before you leave - a photo of your child (children) on 
your cell phone or camera might turn out to be important or helpful if you got separated 
for any reason 
--  Wear clothes with pockets to any large venue, you'll be glad you did
--  Take a water bottle and "emergency" stuff (I always carry a tiny bottle with 
necessary meds, plus a multi-use, multi-tool gizmo on my keychain and a tiny but 
powerful flashlight in my purse) 
--  Leave photos, any extra clutter at home - but be sure you have an ID card, some 
cash and just one credit card, only carry what you need that day or evening (in your 
pockets if you can) 
--  Flip flops/sandals can be dangerous in crowd situations, wear closed toe shoes 
in large venues
--  Try to split up your money so you have cash on you in 2 (or more) different places, 
you can be creative
--  If you've got tickets, keys, or other important things, they'd be safer if you could 
tuck them into a front pocket rather than a back pocket -- which is more accessible 
to miscreants
--  Does every person you're with have everyone else's cell phone number just in case?


Now that you got there -- 

--  When you arrive, look around ahead of time and always make sure you know where 
the exits are, and you don't have to leave through the entrance where you came in 
--  Here's a no-brainer, try to stick together and keep a very close tab on kids
--  Don't be an inviting target with dangling chains, scarves, loose clothing, long shoulder 
bag, anything that could get caught on seating, hamper your exit, or get easily grabbed 
by a perp
--  Ladies, cross-body purses work extremely well, and don't let your clothing mark you 
as an oblivious, potential victim -- and zippers make more sense than buttons at a 
crowded scenario
--  Guys, it's harder for a pickpocket to take your wallet if it's cleverly strapped into 
a thick rubber band, which causes some nice friction (of course, you stashed more cash 
in another pocket, too) 
--  Everyone should be mindful of their footgear; again, bare toes in a crowd are 
not a good mix no matter the season, and some ladies' shoes would make a quick 
getaway almost impossible 
--  Psychological pressures can turn a group into an ugly crowd. When things get crowded, 
stay focused. Try to recognize trouble-makers, unusually boisterous folks, or drunks, 
don't engage them, try not to make eye contact, stay as far away as possible
--  Any expert will tell you that your best policy is to keep your cool in a threatening 
or dangerous situation or aggressive encounter and try to calmly exit the area
--  After you've enjoyed the event, relax, stick around when it's over so you can 
leave peacefully and let the crowd pass -- or you can leave a few minutes earlier 
to try to avoid the crush


When to walk, don't run -- 

--  Every expert says it - be calm, take time to think, take a few breaths, gather 
your thoughts, glance around, be aware of everyone and everything around you so 
you can make intelligent moves
--  Try to stay in well lit areas, both indoors and outdoors to avoid threatening 
--  If something just doesn't feel right to you, you're uncomfortable or uneasy, 
or sense danger, then your gut feeling might be right, especially if a crowd is 
starting to get out of control and the vibes feel dangerous -- take action and try 
to leave as soon as you can
--  If a crowd forms and starts moving and you're caught, move along with it 
to avoid getting hurt, and if possible, get to the fringe rather than the middle 
of the crowd (the middle usually moves faster, sometimes causes bottlenecks; 
the fringe of the crowd moves slower, so you avoid getting stuckin a bottleneck 
or possibly being trampled, because it's less dangerous at the crowd's edge)
--  If there's a potential mob scene, or angry or unstoppable crowd, and you know 
there's a wall you can get to, flatten yourself (and anyone with you) against 
the wall and if you can, just move calmly, slowly toward an exit  
--  Even though your first impulse is probably to run, stay calm, and don't go 
against the traffic of the crowd; move with it until you see an chance to slip into 
a side street, building, store, etc.
--  Again, try not to panic - when you stay calm you're able to make better, 
safer exit decisions
--  If you have to run for an exit, your loved ones are a top priority so try 
to stick together, try to hold hands, carry young kids and go to an exit you spotted 
when you first came in
--  Don't worry about bashing in doors, breaking windows or other barriers to 
escape safely
--  If you need to, look for a place to hide. If you've been knocked down in a crowd, 
experts say you can try to protect yourself from serious injury by rolling yourself 
into a ball -- curling yourself up protecting your head also protects vital organs 
and could help prevent injuries to your face
--  If you've been separated from your group, go to the pre-arranged meeting 
point you all agreed to, and if your phone's working, try to find out how everyone 
else is doing
--  Above all, try to be calm, alert and focused so you're able to react smartly -- 
and even with mayhem all around you, you'll know how to respond to ensure that 
you and your group exit safely  


* * * * * * * *
Please note that these suggestions on how to stay safe in a crowd can act as a starting point 
for you to consider more or other ways that you can plan for the safety of yourself and your 
group while at a crowded venue, or find yourself in an unexpected crowding situation. 

Thank you for visiting and tell your friends!

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