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How to Keep Jewelry Well Kept -- Some Tips on 
the Best Ways to Protect and Care for Your 
Precious & Vintage Jewelry...

Here are some general how-to tips for safe handling and care
of your lovely jewelry: what to clean jewelry with, a jewelry 
cleaning guide, caring for and protecting jewelry from damage 

* * * * * * * * 


Remember, pearls are the only gems actually made by living creatures. 
They've been used as gems for over 5,000 years. Cultured pearls are 
more fragile than other gemstones, so to keep them in their best condition, 
be sure to handle them with the care they deserve. 

Keeping Your Pearls Precious -- First of all, an ultrasonic cleaner, hot water, 
or soaking your pearls in waterare all no-nos. And be sure to protect your 
pearls from hair products, perfumes, shower gels, sunscreens, body creams 
and lotions, personal hygiene products, insect repellents, chlorine, or home 
cleaning products or chemicals.
Avoid exposing pearls to hot water and extreme heat and be careful of scratchy 
surfaces or harsh jewelry cleaners that are not recommended to use with your 
pearls. (Best thing to do, put your pearls on AFTER your makeup, perfume, 
lotions. (And take off pearl rings if you'll be applying any body or hand creams.) 

Got Dirty Pearls? --
Wipe your pearl jewelry gently with a soft, clean damp 
lint-free cloth to remove body oils, perspiration, or any other residue. Or, try 
mild soap and water (like gentle Ivory Flakes). Be sure to dry your pearls with 
a soft, clean non-abrasive cloth and then air dry them completely. Or, you can 
also clean your pearls with a gentle chemical cleaner that's specifically 
formulated for pearls. You might also want to consider having a professional 
clean your pearls once a year. 

Storing Your Pearls --
Don't store your pearls in a plastic bag. Do try to 
keep them in a separate soft non-plastic bag, a special compartment in your 
jewelry box, or a softly lined container to prevent scratches. By the way, if you 
store pearls in a safe deposit box for long periods, you should know that a 
very dry safe deposit enclosure might cause your pearls to develop fractures 
or some slight cracks.

* * * * * * * *


Try to remember that many opaque gemstones can be damaged by heat, 
vibrations, chemicals, and ultrasonic cleaners, which can craze or shatter 
some gemstones, including coral. Avoid hot water, or soaking coral in water. 
Coral, and amber, are soft and porous, so be gentle.

Donít expose them to hair products, perfumes, sunscreens, shower gels, 
insect repellents, personal hygiene products, chlorine, or any home cleaning 
products or chemicals. Also, try to avoid having your coral or amber come 
in contact with scratchy surfaces or harsh jewelry cleaners that are not 
designed specifically to be used with these lovely gemstones. 

You can wipe your coral gently with a soft, clean damp cloth, then dry it 
completely with a soft absorbent cloth and then be sure to air dry. If your 
coral is mounted in a precious metal, you can still clean the metal with a 
soft jewelry polishing cloth, but be careful to avoid contact with the coral.

* * * * * * * *


Again, remember that many opaque gemstones can easily be damaged by heat, 
chemicals, vibrations and ultrasonic cleaners, so be very careful to avoid using 
them, because they can craze or shatter some gemstones, including jade. 

Try to avoid hot water, or soaking your jade in water. Also to avoid exposing 
jade to hair products, perfumes, sunscreens, shower gels, personal hygiene 
products, insect repellents, chlorine, or home cleaning products 
or chemicals. 

Be careful to avoid contact with scratchy surfaces or harsh jewelry cleaners 
that are not specifically designed for use with jade. You can gently wipe your 
jade with a soft, clean damp cloth, then dry it completely with a soft absorbent 
cloth and be sure to air dry your jade. If your jade is mounted in a precious 
metal, you can clean the metal with a soft jewelry polishing cloth, but be careful 
to avoid contact with the jade.

* * * * * * * *


The same lesson applies with turquoise, another gemstone that can be damaged 
by heat, vibration, chemicals, and ultrasonic cleaners, which have been known to 
craze or actually shatter some gemstones, and that includes turquoise. This also 
applies to other opaque gemstones like malachite, lapis lazuli, etc.

So always try to be careful. Avoid hot water, or soaking your turquoise in water. 
Donít expose it to hair products, perfumes, sunscreens, shower gels, personal 
hygiene products, insect repellents, chlorine, or home cleaning products or |

Try to protect your turquoise from scratchy surfaces or harsh jewelry cleaners 
that are not specifically created for use with turquoise. Wipe your lovely turquoise 
gently with a soft, clean damp cloth, dry it completely with a soft absorbent cloth, 
then be sure to let your turquoise air dry. If your turquoise is mounted in a 
precious metal, you can still clean the metal with a soft jewelry polishing cloth but 
be careful to avoid contact with the turquoise. 

* * * * * * * *

How to care for your gorgeous marcasite jewelry.

Marcasites are set -- glued in place -- with jeweler's cement instead of prongs, 
and they're often surrounded by naturally dark areas. 

If you want to clean you glamorous marcasite jewelry without harming the stones 
and still keep the naturally dark areas dark, just be gentle. You can clean your 
marcasite jewelry with mild soap and water, then very gently wipe with a soft 
cloth. Of course, be sure to let them air out on a soft dry surface for complete 
dryness. You can also very carefully use a soft jewelry cleaning cloth. 

If you don't want to harm the stones, be sure to remove your marcasite jewelry 
if there's any chance of prolonged exposure to water. Marcasites don't like to 
be showered, wash dishes, swim, or sit in a hot bathtub with you. 

That's because these tiny diamond-like stones (iron pyrite) can fall out if they're 
submerged in water, or exposed to excessive heat, or dropped on hard surfaces. 
Besides, water, heat, chemicals and impacts, another enemy of marcasite stones 
is ultrasonic cleaners which can loosen the stones when they're jostled, and they 
don't like exposure to cleaning agents or chemicals. 

So there you have it - guidelines for preserving your precious sparkling 
marcasites so they can continue to light up for you.

* * * * * * * *

How to care for vintage plastic jewelry.

I came across these suggestions on the web and share them with you. If you 
plan to buy or already own treasures made of celluloid, galalith, bakelite, 
catalin, or Lucite, you can help preserve your investment.

When storing, try to protect the old pieces from temperature extremes, 
direct sunlight, too much daylight (like an open cabinet that faces a window), 
and even cigarette smoke. Donít store them in plastic containers or pouches. 
Instead, you can safely preserve them in soft cloths to keep the air off them. 
When you wear your lovely vintage plastics, be careful of hot showers, 
perfumes, chlorine, or other chemicals that could have a interact negatively 
with your jewelry. Above all, enjoy!!

* * * * * * * * 

Remember, moisture is the enemy of any type of jewelry.

That includes antique and vintage treasures. 

The same applies to some metals -- moisture can cause rust, accelerate 
pitting on plated surfaces, cause opaque gemstones to discolor, produce 
verdigris, and cause other unpleasant symptoms.

Depending on your jewelry, some pieces might require just a soft toothbrush, 
or a soft polishing cloth, while others can do well with a swipe or two of 
some simichrome. 

* * * * * * * *

Some words of caution: be wary of some cleaning products 
on non-precious and faux jewelry.

The only advice that could apply across the board is that when you're buying 
any products to clean your vintage or retro jewelry, be sure to choose cleaners 
that don't contain vinegar, ammonia, alcohols or acids. And avoid contact with 
soap and water and cleaning agents like Windex. These substances can all 
harm non-precious jewelry metals, faux stones, and even genuine gemstones. 

So it's up to you to do your homework for your own specific type of vintage 
jewelry. Once you have the basics to look out for, no matter what your vintage 
or retro jewelry is made of, youíll be able use a cleaning product or method 
thatís just right for your special piece, at your own pace and price.

* * * * * * * *


A universal tip for all jewelry - they don't all get along.

Now hereís a tip to remember: No stacking. Try to keep your jewelry pieces 
protected by separating them from each other. You can use a pouch, cloth or 
small box for each piece, and that way they can't interact with or scratch each 
other. This is good advice that actually applies to everything from pearls and 
silver, to your celluloid and bakelite treasures, to everything in between.

* * * * * * * *


How to care for Sterling Silver --
Sterling silver will tarnish when exposed 
to moisture, air, high humidity, contact with hair products, body lotions, perfume, 
makeup. There are ingredients and chemicals often used in daily household cleaning 
that often speeds up the tarnishing process. To protect your investment, restore the 
bright sterling silver shine, and protect your jewelry's luscious luster, it's a good 
idea to store your silver jewelry in a low humidity environment, keep it completely 
dry, store it in sealed plastic bags with anti-tarnish strips.

To preserve silver's luster, try not to swim, shower, or work out while wearing it, 
and put your jewelry on after you apply your body lotions, deodorant, makeup, etc. 
But even if you're diligent, at some point you'll still have to clean your lovely 
sterling silver jewelry. Polishing is the best way to clean it, and there are soft 
chemically treated jewelry cleaning cloths that can help you gently preserve 
your lovely silver pieces. There are also liquids and pastes on the market made 
especially for sterling silver, which you might prefer to polish your jewelry with. 
Just try to choose a cleaner that's gentle on sterling silver, while not harming any 
of the gemstones that may be mounted in or on your silver pieces. 

* * * * * * * *

How to Care for Bronze --
Bronze, an alloy often used for jewelry, dates back 
to the 4th millennium B.C. and is made by melting and mixing copper and tin. Bronze 
is often used for exotic, elaborate, or vintage style designs, and does tarnish more 
easily than precious metals. As it comes in contact with moisture or skin, or just ages, 
it often earns a turquoise or green patina. 

First, try to wipe away tarnish with a soft jewelry polishing cloth. If you want more 
shine, don't use any household cleaners. Use just a dab of mild soap to remove any 
dirt, using a soft toothbrush to access hard to reach spots. Make sure you dry with 
a soft cloth, and dry in a cool, dry place, stored in closed plastic bags with an 
anti-tarnish strip. 

* * * * * * * *

How to Care for Copper --
Copper has been used for jewelry for thousands of 
years and copper is probably the earliest metal hat man molded to make jewelry. 
Closely related to silver and gold, it's a nonferrous mineral which has been used for 
millennia by many cultures. Copper jewelry - ranging from bracelets, cuffs, and earrings, 
rings, brooches, necklaces -- will tarnish or darken to an orange or reddish tint. But it 
should be a shiny pinkish color - it's in pure copper's DNA. 

There are ideal conditions for keeping copper jewelry clean and in good condition. 
So make sure that your copper jewelry is stored in a cool, dry place, ideally, stored 
in closed plastic bags with an anti-tarnish strip or wrapped in anti-tarnish paper.

* * * * * * * *

How to Care for Brass --
Brass is a metallic alloy made of copper and zinc 
and varied forms of brass have been around since pre-history for its attractive sheen -- 
some items made of copper-zinc alloys have been found in China dating back as early 
as the 5th millennium BC. Used for jewelry making, brass was selected for its bright 
decorative gold-like appearance. And even Plato said it was as rare and nearly as 
valuable as gold.

Caution -- Before you try to clean it, make sure it's actual brass or maybe just brass 
plated steel. The fastest way to find out is to use a small magnet. If it doesn't stick, 
it's solid brass. If the magnet does stick, it's brass-plated steel, the discoloration 
could be rust, not tarnish which you could buff away with very fine grade steel wool. 

Home remedy - Some folks like the patina of tarnished brass. If you prefer to see 
some shine, try using some plain ketchup. Just put a little dab on a clean, soft cloth 
and apply to your brass item. You can use your fingers to just quickly and gently rub 
the ketchup over the piece, then let it rest for a minute. Then thoroughly rinse it all 
off. If you want more tarnish removal and shine, give it another round. After you rinse, 
gently buff the piece with a soft, dry cloth to dry it thoroughly. Then store it in a 
closed plastic bag. Brasso works, too. And here's another tip, you might be polishing 
less often if your brass piece is rubbed with olive oil after you polish, because that 
helps retard tarnish. But if the brass item is quite old, you may want to consult 
a professional.

* * * * * * * *

Final wrap-up of jewelry how-to care hints.

This tip applies across the board - try to keep your jewelry away from moisture, 
showers, chlorinated swimming pools, cosmetics, personal care products, damp 
environments, scratchy uneven surfaces, heat, radiators, direct sunlight, a closed 
hot car, being stacked, pressed and shuffled against each other, etc. So it's always 
a good idea to take off your jewelry before joining in active or contact sports. 

Gemstones - many gemstones, even opaque ones, are porous and may absorb 
chemicals, even soap, and the buildup inside the stone can discolor the stone. 
Gemstones can be scraped by metals, and remember, some metals can be scratched 
by your gemstones. So, again, don't stack them in a drawer or jewelry box. Store 
them in soft, comfortable bags or separate them in small boxes or trays, so they're 
out of danger of heat, moisture, and bumping against each other.  You'll appreciate 
them longer.

Metals - any oils from your skin, any moisture, and even oxygen in our air can help 
accelerate tarnish on brass, bronze, copper and sterling silver. To slow down the 
tarnishing process, remember to wipe the piece with a soft cloth after wearing it, 
then store the jewelry in a plastic bag with an anti-tarnishing strip, which is sold by 
jewelry supply vendors. There are other anti-tarnish methods for bronze, copper 
and brass, like lemon and salt, baking soda formulas, vinegar mixtures, chemical 
cleaners, and a Sunshine metal polishing cloth (my personal favorite) -- just look 
into a method that appeals to you.

* * * * * * * *

The takeaway is this --

Remember, that whether itís Mabe or Akoya pearls, or itís Bakelite or Celluloid, 
marcasite or lucite, genuine gems and precious metals, or lovely retro and vintage 
costume pieces, jewelry - of all flavors - does not like "wet feet", doesn't respond 
well to unauthorized chemicals or impacts, does not enjoy close encounters with 
others, and behaves badly when it's ďfried.Ē 

* * * * * * * *

Please note, this jewelry care information is not all-inclusive, I offer these basic hints 
for your guidance only. I do suggest that you check other resources for additional 
recommendations, or consider checking with a qualified expert, gemologist, or 
professional jeweler. Meanwhile, these are some general doís and doníts that may 
be helpful to you.

Also, be sure to check out my Jewelry Blog links below, including the 
Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones. Thanks for visiting and tell your friends!

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