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Stress Busters...When Tensions Rise 
and You Need to Feel Better and 
Make it All Go Away...Try These.

Here are some tips on how to relax, be calm, 
with proven tactics to help take the edge off!


Got a polite kid in the house? You can honor your child with a totally free Junior 
RudeBuster Award Certificate for good manners and polite etiquette; just hit the
print button, fill in your child's name and find a frame, a thumbtack, or scotchtape -- 

Know someone who's a "gorbellied, dismal-dreaming canker-blossom"? Or a 
"goatish, plume-plucked fustilarian"? Maybe a "spleeny, dread-bolted clotpole"? 
Check this "Shakespeare Insult Kit" and create your very own, very unique 
"full-gorged" zinger anytime you need a very unconventional put-down to rake 
someone over the coals. I know it helps me de-stress and takes the edge off.  

Here's help with recognizing stress, the medical basis of stress, depression, anxiety, 
sleep problems and Drug Use, plus an interactive Stress Test, so get on board -- 

Ever wondered about urinal etiquette? Whether it's about toilet seats, workplace 
bathrooms, or talking on your phone in the stall, The International Center for 
Bathroom Etiquette wants to improve your bathroom going experience --

If "stress helps you seem important", then you need to -- avoid intimacy, never 
exercise, just go ahead and eat anything you want, and do a lot more to 
be sure you always "Stay Stressed"...


Seriously, though, here's something proactive you can try 
to de-stress...

There's a 4-7-8 (or Relaxing Breath) Exercise -- 
It's been said that this 4-7-8 breathing exercise is popular on the internet. 
(Some who do this exercise claim they can fall asleep in less than a minute.)

You start by sitting up in bed keeping your back straight. Then just press your 
tongue against the roof of your mouth. Keep your mouth closed, and slowly count 
to 4, inhaling through your nose. Then hold your breath for the count to 7. Then, 
while counting to 8, slowly exhale through your mouth, (keeping your tongue 
against the roof of your mouth). Some say if you repeat this process 4 times, 
you'll settle into dreamland.

Personal note here: I saw a similar remedy on TV, think it was Dr. Andrew Weil. 
This particular breathing exercise called for 7-7-7. Seven slow seconds of inhale, 
slow count to 7 while holding, and slow count to 7 while exhaling. Except that 
Dr. Weil added that "the longer you can hold your breath, the more benefit for 
your brain.) That stuck with me. And lately when I start to get one of my headaches, 
I do the 7-7-7, except I hold for 20 - 30 seconds before slowly releasing my breath. 
Makes a difference for me - most of the time the headaches just don't take hold. 
I know everyone's different, but this is just a suggestion that might work for you.


Maybe you'd like to try some time-proven herbs, natural remedies 
for stress & anxiety...

My personal favorite, I have used it and recommended it to friends and relatives -- 
Passionflower herb. This one's been calming nerves for centuries, made from the 
Passiflora incarnata, an antioxidate that's native to the southeastern United States, 
and considered by many to be an extraordinary, protective powerhouse. In fact, it's 
said that the quercetin in passionflower is one of the most protective compounds 
known, with powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and also anti-cancer properties. 

Scientists worldwide also agree that a stressed-out society can rely on passionflower 
for more than great cellular protection. Numerous international studies confirm that 
Passionflower's unique compounds can also have a positive effect on the central 
nervous system. Germany’s stringent "Commission E" gave its stamp of approval 
for use of passionflower for nervousness and restlessness. The British Herbal 
Compendium recommends it for sleep disorders, restlessness, nervous stress and 
anxiety. And a number of news organizations in the US have also reported 
Passionflower's positive effects on stress.

In a liquid concentrate form, just a few drops in tea or juice may soften your day. 
Read your label instructions; the dose might be one dropperful of Passionflower 
in a little water or tea. I prefer Passionflower capsules (recommended dose is two 
capsules of the Passionflower extract, up to four times a day as needed. But 
everyone's different, so see which dosage works best for you.) From my own 
experience, this age-old herb can take the edge off a stressful day, or help make 
it a peaceful night.

(Check with your doctor to be sure you can safely add this to your regimen.)

* * * * * * * * 

This herb has been used throughout Europe...
By folks who want to chill out and "take it down a notch" -- highly prized 
Lemon Balm Extract. Lemon balm was actually described in the Historia Plantarum 
of Theophrastus way back in 300 BC. Records report that early Arab healers were 
of the benefits of lemon balm. Even an 11th century doctor said that the "balm 
makes the heart merry and joyful." And back in the Middle Ages, lemon balm was 
relied on to relieve stress and anxiety, promote sleep, help indigestion and lift spirits.

It's an easy way to feel more tranquil, calm, and maybe a little sleepy. Again, 
read label instructions, maybe you can start with a few drops in a favorite 
relaxing tea and see how you feel. A calming chamomile tea is a good soothing 

(Check with your doctor to be sure you can safely add this to your regimen.)

* * * * * * * * 

Here's something I enjoy every night...
Organic Tart Cherry Juice. NOT black cherry, NOT plain cherry - It's TART 
Cherry Juice (I buy it organic.) I learned about it a few years ago on Dr. Oz so 
I tried it. Been loving it ever since. (There's a study by Natural Medicine Journal 
that showed a significant increase in time in bed, sleep time and sleep quality, 
and there's probably a lot more evidence out there.) I pour some into an herbal tea, 
add a few shots to a glass of seltzer, or take it straight in a small juice glass, 1 hour 
before going to bed. You can pour it over cantalope, bananas, so many ways to enjoy...
and it's said to help you sleep better. 

More stress busters...

- Another herb with the ability to help calm and de-stress is hops. Hops capsules 
are relaxing -- after all, hops is used to make beer. I've certainly used hops 
capsules on bad days.

- I also use a lavender pocket inhaler, I spray lavender on fresh towels and 
pillowcases, (essential oil mixed with a perfume diluent in a small perfume 
spray bottle) and I have a battery operated diffuser in which I use lavender oil 
in several different rooms. What's that lovely smell?

- I got this product for a stressed friend when I learned about Bach Rescue 
Remedy Spray. (I also learned on TV that Dr. Oz uses this product before he 
does heart surgery.) 

- Some like St. John's Wort. I've not used it, but you can do some homework and 
see if it's for you. The same applies to Valerian and Kava supplements. See if 
they're right for you.

- SAM-e. Some say that this one's so good, you have to be extremely careful if 
you're already on any anti-stress or anti-depressant drugs. My own internist 
(who's pretty savvy) recommended it for stress. And some 10 years ago, 
psychiatrists at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital began using SAM-e with their 
patients. Mother Earth News has also covered it. SAM-e has been used for 
over 20 years in Europe. Not all doctors think it works better than some herbs, 
though a few felt that SAM-e also seems to have the side benefit of helping 
with arthritis pain, which could make it a treatment of choice. But please 
remember, every patient is different so do your homework.

- Research from the University of Texas Health Science Center found that 
walnuts are a source of melatonin. (Melatonin is thought to improve sleep, and 
also provides anti-oxidant protection.) Walnuts actually have a list of amazing 
health benefits, but if what you need is a good night's sleep, don't go to bed 
without trying a few walnuts. Plus, the added benefit here is that the omega-3 
fatty acids in walnuts are a mood booster, which could work on irritable or 
hyperactive kids, and adults battling with depression or stress.

(Check with your doctor to be sure you can safely add any of the above 
to your regimen.)

- You could try a glass of warm milk at bedtime.


There's Also Aromatherapy for the Stressed Out...
and the nose knows.

It was a French chemist, Gatefosse, who coined the term "Aromatherapy"
in 1928 to describe the ages-old practice of extracting essential oils from 
flowers, plants and spices in order to enhance positive changes in both body 
and mind. From being antibacterial to calming, the various properties of 
essentialoils have been prized for thousands of years. 

The quest for aromatic oils to enhance health, beauty and emotions has  
spanned centuries, going as far back as mentions appearing in Egyptian 
tombs. Even the Bible is said to have many references to aromatic oils. 

So whether it's thyme, cinnamon, peppermint or other aromatic sources, 
interest in aromatherapy is hardly new. In fact, more recently, in New York 
City, it was reported that sweet orange essential oil was used at police 
headquarters to calm folks after the 911 World Trade Center disaster.

It's always been all about our sense of smell which humans have an instant 
response to. The memory of a time, a place, a person, an event, something 
pleasing, exciting, familiar, or even unpleasant. Humans respond pretty 
quickly to a scent, and there's probably more than one just right for you that 
will help release your endorphins, and put you in a serene place.

You can look for a shop that lets you test the different aromatic scents of 
essential oils. And whether you choose lime, frankincense, rose, peppermint, 
chamomile, oregano, lavender, ginger, eucalyptus, bergamot, ylang ylang, 
clove, or any other "flavor" you love, you'll be doing your psyche a favor 
when you're inhaling or rubbing, and gently lowering your stress level. 


Still stressed out?
Maybe it's time to go fly a kite! You can even make one -- here's how, 
plus check out the  history of kites, kite sites, and give your troubles wings: 

Happy endorphins to you!

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Best Healthiest Brownies Recipe... 

These rich chocolate brownies are delicious,
low-fat, the best, healthiest brownies to sigh for! 

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