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Here's the world's only scientist certified 
smile. Proven to boost your attitude, lower 
your stress, AND even affect your looks!

Here's why smiling is good for you, the wonderful 
benefits of smiling, and exactly why THIS particular 
-- documented -- smile matters to you.
So read on. You'll find all the reasons to try this 
unique, special smile to enjoy some positive effects.  

Sure, there are some who say a smile can turn a frown 

But right now, this is about an important, very unique, very special smile. 
It's the only type of smile with a unique -- documented -- link to positive 
emotions, with benefits that beat any other smile today. 

Scientists have lined up for almost 150 years to agree that "The 
Duchenne Smile" really is a powerful healer! 

Proven by psychologists, scientists and researchers worldwide, the 
extraordinary "Duchenne Smile" not only improves mood and reduces 
stress, it ALSO makes you appear better looking, more likable, and 
more attractive! It's called "THE best smile on the planet for good 
looks and good moods".

In other words, it's not just nice jewelry, a great hair day, new makeup, 
or clothes that make you look so appealing - the Duchenne Smile is 
your best accessory! And smiles always win.


WAY BACK IN 1862...

French anatomist Guillaume Duchenne started to research the science 
of a smile and discovered a scientific phenomenon. And ever since his 
19th Century findings, anatomists, psychologists and researchers in 
several disciplines have agreed with Guillaume Duchenne that a smile 
does have powerful benefits. 

What's more, they all specifically agree that the Duchenne Smile is 
THE ultimate smile. 

For instance, over a hundred years later, in the 1970s, Paul Ekman and 
Wallace Friesen, psychologists at the Univ. of California at San Francisco, 
studied 3,000 facial expressions in their Facial Action Coding System. 
They actually helped prove Duchenne's original smile theory, making a 
distinction between a genuine smile and other kinds of smiles.

Later on, in more research with Richard Davidson at the Univ. of 
Wisconsin, Ekman and Friesen once again scientifically confirmed what 
Guillaume Duchenne already proved over a century before - that there 
is a unique link between positive emotion and the true "Duchenne smile." 

Even later, in 1990, Paul Ekman's smile research showed us once again, 
that adopting the "Duchenne smile" - a full-blown smile that involves 
facial muscles around your eyes and muscles in the cheeks - produces 
changes in brain activity which correspond with a happier state of mind.

According to psychologicalscience.org, a 1997 issue of the Journal of 
Personality and Social Psychology reported that when researchers 
measured facial expressions of folks who discussed a recently deceased 
spouse, they saw lower levels of distress in those who showed genuine 
Duchenne laughter, compared to those who did not.

There's so much proof out there of its efficacy.

It's been confirmed again and again that the Duchenne Smile can get you 
through a tough time. Because this unique smile can turn upset into a 
positive emotion. 

The researchers concluded that "It seems that smiling even through 
tough times does a body good. The benefits of smiling through grief 
appear to occur on a biological level as well." 

I knew that. So many times I've done the Duchenne smile when upset 
about something. And while stuck in traffic on the bus or train. Even in a 
waiting room before a pretty scary medical procedure. 


So how does the Duchenne Smile work?

Here's the smile science: a genuine smile releases neuropeptides in your 
brain which affect everything: from wanting food, to boosting your mood, 
to helping minimize stress. Plus, every time that smile happens, more brain 
chemicals kick in - like endorphins to create positive feelings, dopamine 
to give your brain a boost, and serotonin which can kick up your confidence. 

When all this feel-good stuff happens, it can lower your blood pressure, 
boost your immune system, calm your mood, bring on positive feelings, 
actually make you more likable.

The bottom line is that Science -- not speculation or hearsay -- has repeatedly 
proven that only a Duchenne smile can bring about ALL these positive 
results. And many experts agree that this very specific smile identified by 
Duchenne way back in 1862 is still the Winner-- the powerful "Duchenne Smile". 

* * * * * * * *

Here's how you can create the magic of a Duchenne Smile:

Practice in front of a mirror. Two types of facial muscles are involved: those 
that literally raise up the corners of your mouth, and those that raise up your 
cheeks and form "crow's feet" around your eyes. In other words, it's a big, 
really big grin that shows off your front teeth and makes you look like you're 
squinting. (The crinkling around your eyes is what truly makes it a genuine 
Duchenne smile, even if you feel like you're faking it.) It's safe to say it's 
nothing like the old "Say Cheese" smile. 

Now, this is significant -- The British Psychological Society says, "Most 
people can fake a Duchenne smile." But your fake Duchenne smile has to 
include an upturned smiling mouth and also the eye crinkling, which means 
raised facial muscles around your eyes (crow's feet), so you can reap the 
benefits. Do a few, hold them for a few seconds, and you should begin to 
feel more relaxed. Go for it!                        

Psychology Today" calls the Duchenne Smile, "THE genuine smile." 

And check this out...

"Smiling Is Always Good Medicine -The Duchenne Smile Is The Best Medicine 
of All"
- The Underground Health Reporter 


Hey, good lookin'...
It's not just the scientists getting behind the magic of smiling. Sure, the
Duchenne Smile rules, but here's
more proof that a smile works wonders: 

"Pasting a smile on your face, even if you are consciously faking it, can 
improve your mood and reduce stress."
- Forbes

"Smiling during brief periods of stress may help reduce the body's stress 
response, regardless of whether the person actually feels happy or not.”
- Psychology Today 

“Women who smile are absolutely very attractive."
- Reuters

"Happy girls are the prettiest”.
- Audrey Hepburn

"Why simply SMILING makes you more attractive: People with happier 
resting faces are seen as healthier - even if they have no makeup on."
- The Daily Mail 

“A smile puts you on the right track. A smile makes the world a beautiful 
place. When you lose your smile, you lose your way in the chaos of life.”
- Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart 

"Thinking a smile all the time will keep your face youthful."
- Gelett Burgess, US writer, poet, humorist 

So be sure to Do the Duchenne daily!

* * * * * * * *
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