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Gemstone Metaphysical Properties 

My own curiosity about the gemstones, minerals and crystals I use in my handmade FavoriteBlings necklaces 
led me to learn more about them.

It turns out that people across the centuries and across the planet, myriad nations and tribes that did not speak 
the same language or dialect, humans who could not even understand each other, all somehow came up with 
the same concept - that all rocks were not created equal.

That whether ground up and pressed into healing powders, carved as amulets, used in trade and medicine, or 
revered as body adornments, humans learned that some rocks could be cut, polished and transformed, and the 
resulting gemstones were believed to possess special unseen value beyond their physical beauty and brilliance. 

Across the millennia, gemstones have been linked to hopes, fears, dreams and aspirations. Peoples worldwide 
came to believe that gems could offer and provide love, protection, energy, courage, success, health, wealth 
and a host of other metaphysical properties, and those deep-rooted belief systems are still revered by many today.

So, in addition to confirming that humans have had a long-standing interest in and reliance on the metaphysical 
properties of gemstones, I was happy to learn exactly why gemstones are revered, what power and protection 
each offers,
by researching folklore, legends, cultural and esoteric wisdom, spiritual beliefs, religious traditions, 
crystal therapy and ancient rituals through the centuries...

This information is for your entertainment, a joyful diversion, I hope you enjoy...

AGATE - strength and courage, good fortune, healing, sense of well being, nurtures energy, promotes longevity, protects against danger
AMAZONITE - empowering healing stone, boosts confidence, helps reduce stress, attracts success
AMBER – called “tears of gods”, symbol of tenderness, courage, warmth, well being, vitality, promotes joy, energy, sympathy, understanding, 
protects travelers
AMMONITE FOSSIL - beauty, intelligence, prosperity, vitality, changes negative into positive energy, protective, named for Egyptian god Ammon
AMBER - courage, warmth, well being, promotes joy, energy, sympathy, understanding, protects travelers
AMETHYST - uplifting, courage, inner strength, brings calm and serenity, contentment, fights stress, eases grief
AMETRINE - powerful stone drawing special powers from amethyst and citrine
APATITE - enhances teaching, learning, new ideas, self-expression, brings love, harmony, awakens finer inner self, clears confusion, eases grief
AQUAMARINE - stone of joy, hope, soothes jangled nerves, clarifies emotions, sharpens thinking
  AVENTURINE - good luck gemstone, sense of well being, creativity, independence, healing stone
BLOODSTONE – boosts courage, calm, success, boosts creativity, stimulates dreaming, boosts positive energies
BLUE TOPAZ, ZIRCON – helps insomnia, worries, boosts relaxation, calm, mental clarity, stamina, focus, confidence
BRONZITE - brings order, self esteem, certainty, fosters good decision making, provides contentedness, promotes harmony
CARNELIAN - protector stone, protects from jealousy and anger, aids memory, focus, creativity, courage, helps ease sorrow
CHALCEDONY - sacred gemstone linked with generosity, kinship, kindliness
CHALK TURQUOISE -- aka Magnesite, like turquoise, Native Americans used as jewelry and currency, enhances mediation, fosters love, desire, 
improves imagination, crystalizes perceptions
CHRYROPRASE - soothes heartache, helps depression, aids emotional balance and tranquility, thought to bring success
CITRINE - joy, healing, enhances self esteem, self-confidence, open-minded thinking, uplifting stone, balances negative energy
COPPER - strength, healing properties, claimed to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, long used as a healing metal
CORAL - wards off others’ bad vibes, protects body, mind, psyche, and women’s health, engenders inner peace, determination
DIAMOND – said to be a symbol of purity, love, fidelity, boosts creativity, encourages truth, brings balance, courage and success
EMERALD - protector stone, linked with love, wisdom, hope and intellect
FLUORITE - tranquility in stressful situations, balances the psyche, promotes focus, harmony, intuition
FOSSIL CORAL - actually coral fossilized into agate, attracts love of others, strength, healthy life, protects from stress, danger
GARNET - brings positive thoughts, boosts energy, increases confidence, wisdom, dispels bad dreams and melancholy
HEMATITE – decreases negativity, boosts self-esteem, personal magnetism, supports dreams, wishes, calms stress and worry
JADE - relaxation, protective and lucky, safe journeys, long life, harmony, wisdom, peace
JASPER - soothes wearer, inspires optimism, helps eliminate worry, brings joy, insight, sense of purpose, individuality, confidence
KUNZITE - represents strength, conviction, determination, grace, and fairness
KYANITE - a bridge to aspired hopes and dreams, connects mind and matter
LABRADORITE - inner strength, attracts success, reduces anxiety, increases intuition, insight and creativity, slows aging process
LAPIS LAZULI – highly sought after deep celestial blue gem of royalty, symbol of wisdom and truth, said to enhance understanding, associated 
with honesty, friendship, calm and success
MAGNESITE - enhances meditation, fosters love, desire, crystallizes perceptions
MOOKAITE - subdues worries about the future, supports the curios, adventurous
MOONSTONE - draws and protects true love, fosters tenderness, engenders success, nurtures inspiration, strengthens objectivity, creativity
MOSS AGATE - prized by warriors, harmonizes emotional energy, powerful agate conveys wealth, friendships, good health
MOTHER OF PEARL –called a lovers’ stone, harmony, balance, calming, bolsters intuition, tender feelings
OBSIDIAN - decisiveness, calm, receptive to positive forces, boosts confidence
ONYX - protective stone against stress, banishes grief, brings happiness, aids vigor and balance, objectivity
PEARLS - symbols of love, harmony with natural world, intuition, soft healing energy
PERIDOT - healing, protects wearer, inner well being, serenity, harmony in relationships, courage
PIETERSITE - helps us accept others, enhances focus, calmness, boosts self-confidence, creativity, enthusiasm, good health
PREHNITE - symbol of love without limits, enhances intuition, sense of purpose
PYRITE - attracts money, fosters intelligence, logic, diminishes negative energies, boosts memory
QUARTZ – beneficial for health and well being, psychic protector, valued in many cultures worldwide
RHODONITE - fosters self esteem, confidence, helps achieve potential, dispels worry, confusion, attracts love, brings calm
ROSE QUARTZ - soothing, protection, fortifies body strength & mental energy, healing, attracts love and friendship
RUBY - character building, decision making, wisdom, a noble stone of power
RUBY ZOISITE - draws positive energies, supports thought process, mental stamina
RUTILATED QUARTZ - ignites the heart, kindles the soul, draws positive energies
SAPPHIRE - a stone of destiny, instills hope, wisdom, gemstone of truth, honor, justice, fidelity, enhances joy
SILVER - enhances patience, intuition, attracts money, draws energies of surrounding gemstones
SMOKY QUARTZ - power stone, fosters positive thoughts, energy, calmness, minimizes negativity, heightens balance, fortifies relationships
SUGILITE - uplifting, draws out pain, boosts inspiration, confidence, protects against anger
SUNSHINE DRUZY - uplifting, emits optimism, joy, sparks energy, power
TANZANITE - diminishes stress, eases change, boosts harmony, poise, composure, grace under pressure
TIGER EYE – aids harmony and balance, clear thinking, gives courage, a stone of action
TOPAZ - happiness, wealth, calm, boosts self-confidence, creativity, helps soothe physical pain
TOURMALINATED QUARTZ - ignites the heart, kindles the soul, draws positive energies
TOURMALINE - lucky, protective in all colors, helps healing, cheerfulness, confidence, serenity, happiness, crystallizes thinking, opens horizons
TURQUOISE - major healing stone, soothing, powerful protector, attracts wealth, boosts creativity, success, popular, sacred since prehistoric times
ZIRCON – helps insomnia, worries, boosts relaxation, calm, mental clarity, stamina, focus, confidence

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