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FavoriteBlings handmade 
statement necklaces, chokers,
Y-drops, bibs and lariats 
are the real thing:

-- no resin, no plastic   
-- no simulated stones  
-- nothing metal plated  
-- no lead, no nickel 
-- no cadmium    
-- no toxic metals, ever
-- no disposable jewelry
-- no imports, no clones

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Here's what you get:
-- real semi-precious gemstones 
-- solid sterling silver beads 
clasps, chains and findings 
-- safe surgical stainless steel
-- hypo-allergenic metals 
plus, non-toxic durable 
ancient noble metals of 
bronze, copper and brass
chains, beads, clasps 
and embellishments

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Each USA made one-of-a-kind
statement necklace, choker, 
y-drop, bib and lariat is created 
with top quality components 
as if especially for you. 

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You can choose sexy, chunky, 
big, bold, lavish, dramatic, 
bridal, wedding jewelry, or
unique Birthday, Anniversary, 
Mothers Day, or 
Christmas gift.

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-- each authentic piece 
  is ablaze with originality, 
magic and beauty! Enjoy!

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Unique Lavender Jade Wearable Art Necklace Signed Radiant Dichroic
Pendant FavoriteBlings USA Handmade Gemstone Statement Necklace

Upscale Bling       $79.99, FREE SHIPPING 

Tactile, terrific, unique wearable art.  Luminous lavender jade necklace asks to be touched - 
luscious purple jade beads pay homage to a rare signed dichroic glass pendant. This fanciful
necklace is an alluring profusion of purple. The radiant artist signed pendant exudes an 
incomparable opalescent multi-hue dreamscape in lovely hues of orchid, lavender, wisteria 
purple, teal, and copper sparkle, amidst a swirled ethereal glow. 

The lustrous dichroic glass pendant is 1-7/8" long. The two luscious lavender jade strands 
are approx. 19" for the shorter strand, the outside strand is approx. 21". Here's an original, 
impressive, top quality, one of a kind FavoriteBlings USA handmade gemstone statement 
necklace in all its purple majesty. Solid copper and vibrant Czech glass beads gaily celebrate 
the dichroic glass pendant and lovely touchable lavender jade beads. Solid copper S clasp 
closure. Here's a fresh daily "wow". Or wrap this as a gift and get a warm "thank you"!

You get fine, forever classy jewelry of exceptional quality, and there's only ONE exquisite 
original of each FavoriteBlings USA handmade semi-precious gemstone statement necklace. 
This unique scene stealer is exclusive, timeless, for you to give or wear proudly. And every 
FavoriteBlings purchase you make comes with a 10--Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
See more photos!

Own this yummy lavender jade necklace at my Etsy shop!

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-- Birthstone, Planetary and/or Zodiac signs/months associated with Jade are: 
February, March, May, August, September

-- Metaphysical properties of the gemstone Jade are: relaxation, protective 
and lucky, safe journeys, long life, harmony, wisdom, peace

See Birthstone History & List of Birthstones Blog
See Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones Blog

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My own curiosity about the gemstones, minerals and crystals I use in my handmade FavoriteBlings necklaces 
led me to learn more about them.

Most of all, I enjoyed researching the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones. The information above 
concerning Birthstones and Gemstone Metaphysical Properties is culled from folklore, legends, cultural and 
esoteric wisdom, spiritual beliefs, religious traditions, crystal therapy and ancient rituals through the centuries...
and is provided for your entertainment only, merely a joyful diversion. Thanks for visiting!

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Each Sale Benefits Charity -- 10% of sales are donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children, who provide hope
and medical care to help transform children's lives.

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